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Rigoberto Juarez Mateo, a long-time Indigenous community activist from Santa Eulalia, Guatemala was arbitrarily arrested on March 24, 2015 in Guatemala City, while he was denouncing human rights violations against himself and his community. Rigoberto Juarez is a representative of the Pluri-national Government of the Q’anjob’al, Chuj, Akateka, Popti and Mestizo peoples, of Huehuetenango.

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Yesterday, on Wednesday, April 20, another community radio, Radio Esperanza: La Vos de lo Nuestro was raided by the public ministry and the Guatemalan national police, who seized all of the radio’s equipment. Radio Esperanza of La Esperanza, Quetzaltenango, member of the network of Asociación Mujb’ ab’l yol: Encuentro de Expresiones, served its community for 14 years, with educational and cultural programs.

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Protecting Our Food, Our Environment, and Our Rights

In November, Indigenous people from around the world gathered at the Indigenous Terra Madre in India to showcase their cultural food systems and discuss efforts to protect their food sovereignty against the impacts of globalization. Many voices expressed the sacred relations and interconnectedness of people, animals, and the natural environment as a holistic concept of life at the center of food sovereignty.

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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

T he United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has evolved into one of the most significant annual sessions of international affairs for Indigenous Peoples to shape the agenda, speak out for rights, and secure specific language in the adopted agreements. While the ink on the Paris Agreement is still drying, it is imperative to understand the international climate change institution and begin preparing for Marrakesh in November 2016.

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