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National Alliance to Save Native Languages and Chief Dull Knife College announce 2016 Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposium June 6th and 7th in Billings, Montana.

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Indigenous Terra Madre Spotlights Custodians of Biodiversity and Foodways

On a precipitous mountain slope in Laitsohpliah, a woman from the matrilineal Khasi tribe grasped finger millet in her hands, a cereal cultivated in India for over 2,000 years that is teeming with calcium and protein. We were in Meghalaya, a state in Northeast India famed for its stunning biodiversity, dizzying mountainous vistas, and a beguiling name that means the abode of clouds.

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Securing the Bounty of Mother Earth: Interviews With Terra Madre Delegates

Indigenous Food as Medicine DAPHNE MILLERPhysician and associate clinical professor at the University of California San Francisco

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