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John Standingdeer Jr., a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, has received a patent for his new and unique method for decoding the inherent patterns in the Cherokee language, making it simple and easy to learn this endangered language.

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Conflicts over land rights, violence and impunity, and lack of adequate social service were major topics of discussion with the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Ms. Vicky Tauli Corpuz during her official country visit to Honduras over nine days in November 2015.

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On Thin Ice: Subsistence Walrus Hunting and the Adaptation to a Changing Climate in Alaska

Alaska Native communities along the coast of the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas have lived in close connection with the ocean for thousands of years. The bounty of this rich environment, which includes marine mammals, fish, birds, and plant life, has sustained Alaska’s St. Lawrence Island Yupik, Iñupiaq, Central Yup’ik, and Aleut communities since time immemorial.

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We Belong to Our Dual Kind of Identity

Perty Maguru from the Nepal Indigenous Civil Association is a member of the Disability Caucus and the Indigenous Persons with Disabilities Global Network and first attended the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in April 2015.

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