Bia’ni Madsa’ Juárez

Staff/Board Photo

Bia’ni Madsa’ Juárez López (Mixe/Ayuuk ja’ay and Zapotec/Binnizá), Project Manager Keepers of the Earth Fund and Bazaar Program Assistant. Born in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, she grew up in two towns and cultures, Juchitán (Zapotec) and San José El Paraíso (Mixe). Since childhood, Bia’ni has been a part of the Indigenous resistance movement in Mexico and local social organizations. “I am a biologist who loves to work with people. I received an undergraduate degree in biology from UAM-Xochimilco. I have been working doing transdisciplinary research in my own Mixe community. For my master’s thesis in Tropical Ecology at the University of Veracruz, I conducted research about the relationship between tree diversity in coffee plantations and community organizations. My family produces organic coffee and we are working to build a coffee project to improve our product and keep our shade coffee plantation thriving and the forest in which it is in.” She loves learning about and making maps. Contact Bia’ni at