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Kenya: Stop Human Rights Abuses
January 2010

In January, 2010, a team from Cultural Survival’s Global Response program went to Kenya to document a year-long pattern of brutal police assaults on the Samburu people of northern Kenya. These assaults, which include killing, raping, beating, and wholesale robbery, take place in an atmosphere of racial prejudice and discrimination against pastoralist tribes that resist assimilation and westernization in order to maintain their unique cultures. Kenyan police forces operate with impunity throughout the country, but in northern Kenya their brutality targets a specific ethnic community in violation of their rights as Indigenous Peoples. Read the report here.

Cultural Survival is applying many forms of pressure on the Kenyan government to withdraw police forces from the North, support the pastoralist communities’ traditional means of resolving problems, and provide the assistance that Samburu and other tribes seek to assure their physical and cultural survival in a time of rapid environmental and social change. 

“We are old elders and we have never seen anything like this before. It feels like our life is coming to an end. This is government discrimination against a minority tribe. Our own government is punishing us. That is why we are calling out for international help.”  –Samburu elder in Lerata, Kenya

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