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Leer aqui en español!Cultural Survival’s sister organization, Asociación Sobrevivencia Cultural, in Guatemala works with our various networks of community radios to promote Indigenous rights. The team’s constant presence has helped to foster empowerment and support for the community radio movement. Asociación Sobrevivencia Cultural is working towards sustainability, taking a major step by hiring its executive director, who will continue to strengthen the structure of this young organization.

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After significant scrutiny over World Bank Operative Policy 4.10 regarding Indigenous Peoples, we, Cultural Survival, would like to express our concern that these policies do not sufficiently protect the rights of Indigenous Peoples. To allow this policy to remain unchanged would undermine decades of tireless efforts to promote the rights of Indigenous Peoples. These policies fall far under the standards that one should expect from illustrious international organizations, particularly those whose goals are to promote human rights and development. 

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The UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples: A high-level meeting with a low level outcome?

The so-called UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, to be held this year on September 22–23, is really a High Level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly. No one should be fooled by the title. It will have color and pageantry supplied by the Indigenous Peoples who attend, and the General Assembly hall and rooms will be filled with Indigenous representatives dressed in their traditional regalia. But this was not the original intent.

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A Model for Sustainability—Thinking In Terms of Thousands of Years

Our series spotlighting the work of our Board members continues with Stephen P. Marks, the François-Xavier Bagnoud Professor of Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health. Marks is the director of the Program on Human Rights in Development at Harvard University, and is affiliated with the Committee on Ethnicity, Migration, Rights; the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative; and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, among others.

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