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By Tar Sands BlockadeTraditional Dineh (Navajo) elders are under attack by federal law enforcement! There have been multiple arrests and approx. 200 of their sheep and goats have been confiscated.

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The UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples: A high-level meeting with a low level outcome?

The so-called UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, to be held this year on September 22–23, is really a High Level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly. No one should be fooled by the title. It will have color and pageantry supplied by the Indigenous Peoples who attend, and the General Assembly hall and rooms will be filled with Indigenous representatives dressed in their traditional regalia. But this was not the original intent.

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Our Indigenous Identities Shaping the Future

In my travels, I am always reminded of the presence of Indigenous Peoples; I know when I am on Indigenous land. I feel and honor the presence of ancestors and pay respect to them along with those I am visiting. Sometimes I can gaze upon sacred landscapes and homelands and understand; other times I gaze upon steel and concrete skyscrapers or other places where Indigenous People live and I feel more conflicted.

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