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In July 2015 Canada’s human rights records was examined based on its obligations under the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), an international human rights treaty Canada ratified in 1976. The Human Rights Committee’s Concluding Observations on the sixth periodic report of Canada provided a window into how Canada is upholding human rights both within its borders and abroad, and how its protection of those rights could be improved. The Concluding Observations address a wide range of concerns, including Indigenous issues, excessive use of force by police, and women’s rights.

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On August 22, 2015 Asociacion Mujb’ abl ‘yol celebrated the closure of a 9-month series of workshops and trainings for 40 community radio volunteers on “Democracy, Development and Community Media.” The project was partially funded by DEMOS Guatemala and the Inter-American Foundation (IAF) to benefit community journalists in Guatemala. It is the first time a project of its kind has been launched and has achieved 100% graduation rate. 40 participants proudly received their recognitions on Saturday in hopes of improving community media in their communities.

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      Elizabeth James-Perry (Aquinnah Wampanoag) is a traditional Native artist specializing in wampum jewelry, textile arts, and illustration from Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. In 2014 she received a prestigious Traditional Arts Fellowship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Using the traditional depiction of North America as Turtle Island, she produced the drawings for the turtle mural installed in the Aquinnah Tribe’s educational kiosk. 

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Maya Win Unprecedented Land Rights In Belize At International Courts

“The struggle of the Maya is the struggle of all people.” -Alfonso Cal: President of the assembly of traditional leaders

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