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By Madeline McGillClimate change impacts people everywhere. Rising temperatures and sea levels are only some of the many ways that carbon emissions and other forms of pollution are affecting the planet.Some countries are combating the ramifications of climate change better than others. After years of reliance, curbing a nation’s dependency on fossil fuels takes time. However, for many Pacific Islanders, time is a luxury they cannot afford.

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On October 25th in San Mateo, Quetzaltenango Asociacion Mujb’ ab’l yol celebrated the start of a new chapter in the community radio movement. As preparations began with incense, flowers and bright candles for a traditional mayan ceremony, radio broadcasters gathered from all over Guatemala to take part in this celebration.

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Ka Holo A Puni Ka Honua: Mai Tahiti a Sāmoa

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Courage, Creativity, and Vision: Co-recipients of the 2014 FIMI Leadership Award

In May 2014, the Foro Internacional de Mujeres Indígenas (International Indigenous Women’s Forum) awarded its annual Leadership Award to two extraordinary and committed Indigenous women: Joan Carling, a Kankanaey activist from the Philippines, and Rosalina Tuyuc, a Kaqchikel leader from Guatemala, received the honor due to their creativity in addressing social issues with exceptional leadership and courage.

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