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Miguel Facussé, one of the richest men in Honduras, died on June 22 at age 90. There is no doubt that he will leave behind an impressive legacy. Dinant, Facussé’s multi-million dollar company that manufactures and markets snack products, detergents and biofuels such as African Palm oil, announced Facussé’s death and praised his creation of economic opportunities in Honduras. The true legacy of Miguel Facussé, however, is felt not in the economic opportunities he created, but in the danger and harassment that his business operations. Locally he is known as "the palm plantation owner of death,

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In December of 2014, new funding laws in Australia began to threaten the existence of 150 remote aboriginal Australian communities throughout the country, with the largest concentration in Western Australia. The federal government claimed that it could no longer support the communities and as of June 30, 2015, no federal funding would be available for the maintenance of rural outback communities.

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Nihígaal Bee Iiná: A Movement in Motion

On February 1 on top of Mt. Tzoodził (Turquoise Mountain), one of the sacred mountains of the Navajo/Diné, a group of young Navajo walkers arrived. Their journey commenced 26 days earlier in Grants, New Mexico, and covered 200 miles of the dust-ridden, snowy, and industrially exploited land of Eastern Navajo Agency. It was a walk to reclaim the beauty and balance in the outer and inner landscapes of their ancestral land.

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#SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA: Stop the Forced Closure of Aboriginal Communities

In the early hours of “Black Friday,” March 13, 2015, growing frustrations in the Aboriginal community
had reached a pressure point. After the repeated failure of successive governments to honor Australia’s First Nations at the most basic levels, the perfect storm was brewing. Compounding this, the global lurch to the right under the guise of “austerity” had seemingly become a code-switch of government to normalize racism, bigotry, oppression, and genocide.

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