Current Programs

Under the guidance of our Indigenous-led Program Council, Cultural Survival partners with Indigenous communities to defend their rights and sustain their cultures. We help develop the knowledge, advocacy tools, and strategic partnerships they need to protect their rights. Every Cultural Survival program is designed to become self-sustaining and run entirely by the Indigenous community.


Community Radio Program

Creating an international network of small, community-based radio stations that can reinforce Indigenous language and culture and provide a vehicle for communicating and defending Indigenous rights.

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Free, Prior and Informed Initative (FPIC)

Cultural Survival’s FPIC is strengthening Indigenous Peoples’ capacity to implement Free, Prior and Informed Consent by increasing awareness and understanding of this right through community media and community exchanges. Cultural Survival is producing an innovative new radio series on FPIC.

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Global Response Program

The Global Response program helps stop the destruction of fragile habitats and ecosystems and the Indigenous communities that depend on them when those lands are threatened by mines, logging, and other extractive industries. 

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The Bazaars work to create a more direct link between the artisans and the consumers working to support the livelihoods of artisans and projects benefiting their communities.

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Endangered Languages Program

Collaborating with Native American communities facing the imminent loss of their languages to develop the resources they need to keep them as a living, spoken heritage.

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Universal Periodic Review