Corporations and Advertising

Advertising's presence is everywhere. It shapes social change and affects people's views of the world. As a major channel between producers and consumers, world advertising is dominated by a few multinational agencies who spend the most money and structure the industry by developing and providing the advertising "package" needed by multinational corporations to sell products.

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CS (Canada) Projects, 1990

Since opening its office in September 1989, Cultural Survival (Canada) has established itself as an important and credible group on the national environmental and indigenous rights scene. Like its US counterpart, Cultural Survival (Canada) has a strong interest in and maintains working links with indigenous people's support groups in Brazil as well as in Malaysia. It has worked with the rubber tappers in Acre, Brazil, as well as the Yanomami and Kayapó peoples.

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The Fight for Dzil Nchaa Si An, Mt. Graham: Apaches and Astrophysical. Development in Arizona

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Tourism to the Rescue?

One of the most dramatic wilderness battles in Canada was fought over the fate of a chain of magnificent islands known to the Haida Indians as Gwaii Haanas, "place of wonder and beauty." On most maps, the archipelago, 130 km off the northwest coast of British Columbia, just south of the Alaska panhandle, appears as the "Queen Charlotte Islands." The islands are remote and romantic, misty and mystical, and have been home to the Haida for a very long time. A Heritage from a Clamshell

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Video and Cultural Awareness

An Egyptian Experience Information technologies could help solve some of the most pressing problems of developing "Third World" nations by facilitating better education and training through access to knowledge. However, is it possible for a culture to assimilate the new communication technologies without being destroyed in the process?

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Even in a region subject to guerrilla warfare, women may suffer more from the violence of their kin than they do from the violence of their kin than they do from the enemy.

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Together, We Can Support Indigenous Communities in Nepal

nepal map

Cultural Survival is not a disaster relief organization. We work towards a world in which the rights of Indigenous Peoples are respected, protected, and fulfilled.

Bikalpa Gyan Kedra, an organization in Nepal founded by our Board Member Stella Tamang offers alternative educational opportunities to Indigenous girls and is not a disaster relief organization either, but since the earthquake they have been acting as a shelter to 300 local families. They need basic items like drinking water and food.

Radio Kairan in Kubu-Kasthali is asking for help with purchasing a power generator to get his community radio station back up and running to provide an essential means of communication for villagers on relief efforts as well as to power his community. Cost for this generator would be about $2,500

We have set up a special fund to assist our Indigenous contacts in Nepal. With your help, we can provide some limited assistance to our friends in desperate need.

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