Cultural Survival (CS) is a global leader in advancing the world’s Indigenous Peoples’ rights to their lands, languages, and cultures.  We seek a Director of Development who will provide vision and leadership for the organization’s fundraising operation.

The Director of Development will join a management team focused on strengthening the organization’s programs and global reach, and furthering the goals of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  Reporting to the Executive Director, the Director of Development will design and execute all aspects of development to address the short-term and long-term needs of the organization, building on a loyal base of supporters.  The Director will be a member of the senior leadership team.

The ideal candidate must possess a minimum of 5 years of increasing fundraising success, including leadership, comprehensive knowledge of all major advancement functions, and a superior ability to communicate and collaborate with supporters, partners, and leadership of CS. He/she will be an entrepreneurial fundraiser with a demonstrated ability to work with individual donors and solicit major gifts. Experience living and/or working with or on behalf of Indigenous Peoples is strongly preferred, as is experience in a human rights or similar advocacy organization. 

About Cultural Survival

Cultural Survival is a global leader in advancing the world’s Indigenous Peoples’ rights to their lands, languages, and cultures. The majority of the 370 million Indigenous Peoples lives in the world’s last biodiverse regions and speak the majority of the world’s endangered languages.

Indigenous Peoples experience neglect, racism, discrimination, or outright abuse from governments and/or corporate interests that usurp their power and perpetuate centuries-old patterns of colonization. These patterns disregard Indigenous Peoples’ rights, self-determination, control over homelands and natural resources, and governance. Poverty, isolation, forced assimilation, and relocation often go hand in hand with complex issues arising from land claims, degradation of the environment, theft of intellectual property, and loss of language and cultural traditions. Cultural Survival works with Indigenous communities to ensure that our efforts are in concert with local cultures and decision-making processes. We provide advocacy and capacity building to make sure their voices are heard around the world and support their efforts to strengthen their communities.

Currently we are partnering with Indigenous community based radio stations globally to disseminate programs on Indigenous rights. In addition, we support community-based and community-controlled radio stations to provide social, educational and locally determined broadcasting for remote Indigenous communities in Guatemala. We develop advocacy efforts for Indigenous Peoples’ whose homelands are threatened by large-scale development projects in places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Panama, Brazil, and the United States.  Cultural Survival partners with the United Nations and regional human rights bodies, supportive members of the U.S. Congress and Administration, nongovernmental human rights and environmental protection organizations, and, most importantly, national and local Indigenous leaders and communities. The efficacy of Cultural Survival’s work is promoted by transparency and by our accountability to an expert cohort of Indigenous leaders who serve on our Board of Directors.

The Position
The DOD provides leadership for fundraising among key constituents.  She/he will increase philanthropic giving, particularly by expanding the individual giving program and developing the major gift prospect pool.  However, he or she will also seek support from national and international foundations, governmental, and quasi-governmental agencies.  The Director will be a key spokesperson for the organization and must successfully engage diverse internal and external constituencies.

The DOD will serve as the chief advisor to the Executive Director and the Board of Directors on all matters related to institutional advancement, leading efforts to provide program leaders with significant opportunities to present their work to major donors, corporations, foundations, and community groups.  She or he will strengthen development across the organization, working collaboratively with the program directors and communications staff. 

Particular focus in the first year will be placed on building the major gift portfolio. CS has recently undergone a comprehensive development audit. A development plan and campaign structure has been suggested by fundraising consultants.  The DOD said will have the opportunity to evaluate this development plan and proposed campaign to make recommendations as needed before the plan is adopted by the Board.  The DOD must have the willingness and capacity to work independently from a home location.  Significant travel is required.

We are seeking candidates nationally.  However, some preference will be given to candidates who can be based in Cambridge, MA, Santa Fe, NM or San Francisco, CA.

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee all development functions including major gifts, annual giving, foundation, corporate, and government relations, donor recognition and stewardship, special events.
  • Meet prospective donors and establish effective communications with them.
  • Set goals for the development program with the Executive Director.
  • Galvanize Board, senior leadership, and supporters in promoting philanthropy to advance the mission of Cultural Survival.
  • Individually and in partnership with the Executive Director and Board members, cultivate, solicit, close and steward major gifts.
  • Serve as a member of the senior management team.
  • Manage a small staff.
  • Serve as an effective, knowledgeable spokesperson for Cultural Survival


The Director must be an accomplished, dynamic development professional with a proven track record of raising funds through major gift, foundation, corporate, and government grants and annual fund (memberships/subscriptions).  She/he must embrace CS’s mission and have the ability to effectively communicate it.

The candidate should have the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree is required
  • At minimum, 5 years experience in professional fundraising
  • Demonstrated ability to garner support from individuals and major gift fundraising
  • Leadership skills to work with and motivate board members
  • A proven track record of developing strong donor relationships and building a comprehensive development program
  • Evidence of a successful track record in securing grants
  • Experience working on behalf of Indigenous Peoples is preferred; in the alternative, experience in a human rights or similar advocacy organization
  • Strong planning, communication and project management skills
  • High degree of professional demeanor
  • Above average verbal and written communication skills
  • Be goal driven and possess a high degree of motivation, maturity and energy
  • Display a positive attitude, show concern for people and community, demonstrate presence, self-confidence, common sense and good listening ability


Salary and Benefits:

  • Excellent benefits package including 100% employer paid health insurance for employees
  • The ability to work independently from a home location



Apply Now.

Cultural Survival is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and actively seeks a diverse pool of candidates. We particularly encourage Indigenous individuals to apply and to identify their Indigenous community, but we welcome applications from all qualified candidates.  For more information about Cultural Survival and its programs, please visit:




Puesto disponible: “Promotor/a Regional”



Cultural Survival es una organización no gubernamental con carácter consultivo a la ONU cuya misión es promover los derechos de los pueblos indígenas. Uno de sus programas centrales es su apoyo a su organización hermana, Asociación Sobrevivencia Cultural, en Guatemala, a través de su Programa de Medios Comunitarios. Creemos que la radio comunitaria es una herramienta importante para promover los idiomas, las culturas, y los derechos de los pueblos indígenas. En Guatemala, Cultural Survival y Sobrevivencia Cultural trabajan para fortalecer las radios comunitarias Indígenas con talleres y capacitaciones técnicas y han pasado los últimos ocho años asesorando al Movimiento de Radios Comunitarias en su lucha por la legalización de la radio comunitaria Indígena. Además, trabaja en el tema de la radio comunitaria al nivel mundial a través del programa Radio de Derechos Indígenas. En este proyecto, Cultural Survival produce programas de radio sobre derechos de Pueblos Indígenas en 24 idiomas, 18 de ellos siendo idiomas Indígenas, para difusión a más de 1,000 radios comunitarias Indígenas alrededor del mundo. Además, tenemos un Programa de Artesanía, a través del cual organizamos una serie de ferias culturales donde artesanos y cooperativas indígenas venden sus artesanías directamente al publico estadounidense y un Programa de Defensa a través del cual apoyamos a los pueblos indígenas en sus luchas para la protección de sus territorios y sus derechos como pueblos.


Descripción de Trabajo

Se busca una persona para tomar el puesto de Promotor/a Regional de la Red de Radios Comunitarias Indígenas en Centroamérica por un contrato de un año. La persona será responsable de la promoción y fortalecimiento de una red centroamericana de radios comunitarias indígenas, el cual implica relacionamiento y colaboración con radios comunitarias y otras redes, organizaciones con ideas afines, posibles donantes, etc. Esta persona articulará esfuerzos con otras redes existentes para llevar a la mesa la promoción de temas indígenas y para involucrar radios comunitarias indígenas en los movimientos y redes existentes de radios comunitarias. La persona viajará a menudo dentro de los países centroamericanos además de México y Colombia para conocer nuevas y existentes iniciativas de radios comunitarias y establecer las bases necesarias para involucrarlas en nuestra red. También viajará a los Estados Unidos para foros internacionales y para la recaudación de fondos.


El/la promotor/a aumentará la distribución de nuestros programas radiales a través de visitas a radios comunitarias de varios pueblos y ciudades Centroamericanos, coordinará la traducción de los programas en idiomas indígenas de las radios visitadas, grabará entrevistas para próximos programas radiales y conducirá encuestas y entrevistas para la evaluación del proyecto. Finalmente, ésta persona trabajará en equipo hacia la coordinación de un Encuentro Centroamericano de Radios Comunitarias Indígenas, el cual tomará lugar en enero de 2016 en Centroamérica, con la participación de representantes de radios comunitarias indígenas de todos los países de Centroamérica.


El/la candidata debe tener las siguientes características/experiencias/capacidades:

  • Contactos con organizaciones y fundaciones sociales
  • Tiempo disponible, con flexibilidad de horario
  • Experiencia en trabajo comunitario
  • Conocimiento de comunicación alternativa
  • Conocimiento de la situación y la lucha de los pueblos indígenas
  • Experiencia con el manejo de proyectos y la coordinación de eventos
  • Buenas relaciones humanas
  • Acostumbrado trabajar bajo presión
  • Manejo de correo electrónico con frecuencia, computación.
  • Acceso confiable al internet
  • Disponibilidad para viajar frecuentemente en los países de Centroamérica y posiblemente México y Colombia
  • Trabajar en equipo disperso, también individualmente, en coordinación con otros elementos del equipo.
  • Trabajar en grupo
  • Tomar iniciativa
  • Hablar y escribir en español
  • De preferencia hablar en ingles
  • De preferencia hablar un idioma indígena


Honorario total de $USD10,000 por un contrato de año, mas gastos de movilización de viaje.


Para aplicar, mandar CV y carta a Mark Camp, Sub-director de la organización: con copias a,,, y